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TESTIMONIALS from customers who have tried WingFoot Iskiate and noticed the difference.

I recently spent time in China and just wanted to say thank you.  I've been using WingFoot for months and can't begin to tell you how much I love it.  It was the first thing on my list of what to pack.  Not being prepared for the blistering heat and high humidity could have made my two-week trip pretty uncomfortable, but having my WingFoot kept me hydrated and energized.  Feeling good physically is priceless, especially when backpacking in a foreign country.  I was so happy I took extra with me and having it in those packets makes it a no-brainer when you're trying to save weight and room for traveling.  WingFoot has taken me to new heights, but it carried me through China
-Michael P. (avid rock-climber, swimmer, trail-runner and cyclist from California)
I'm a 35 year old amateur soccer player from Brazil. I've tried all sorts of energy beverages, pre-game formulas, recovery drinks available in the market. Now, I have to confess that it took me a few attempts to get used to the texture of Iskiate but once you get used to it  you see how much it can help your performance on the field. I love this product. I normally mix mine with orange juice and there's no doubt in my mind that this is the most effective and natural way to get you that edge that every athlete needs in the crunching final minutes of a game. After the game I still have energy, my muscles are not sore and I'm ready for another game or a hard day of work on Monday.  
Gil (from San Luis Obispo)
WingFoot Iskiate helps me stay alert on long rides!
Russell Burmaster from Irvine
  Gear Review for the Gobi March Posted on August 23, 2011 by Melissa I tried some new bits of food and gear (that I had not previously used in a stage race) for the 6.5 day, 250km, self-supported Gobi March that I raced in this June. Fortunately most of the changes that I made worked out quite well, but of course nothing is perfect.  Here is my review: What Worked Food: I added Wingfoot Iskiate Chia Seed Perfomance Drink to my morning oatmeal which helped me cut back on some packaging space and added some flavor.  After reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall I was intrigued by the power of the chia seed and their effect on hydration and endurance.  Unlike many other competitors I had my hydration under control for most of the race and I must say that Wingfoot Iskiate played a key role. (to see Melissa Racouillat's complete review, of all products, go to her link on our home page)
Melissa Racouillat's 6.5 Day, 250km, self-supported, Gobi desert March
Hey Tobias. Love the product, btw. Tried all sorts of energy drinks, nothing beats the way WingFoot makes me feel. Thanks, Ian 
Ian from New York
I returned from the Gobi Desert earlier this week and I am attempting to ease back into the routines of normal life. The Gobi March (250km, 6.5 days, self-supported) turned out to be a fantastic, and at times, brutally challenging adventure. I met an incredible group of people and made new friendships that will last a lifetime. The Gobi Desert dished out some extreme weather conditions (more extreme conditions than the race organizers have ever seen), making it feel more like a mission of survival than a race. Weather conditions ranged from freezing cold nights, to temperatures over 120 degrees during the day, to rain and a massive sandstorm. Heat was definitely the most crippling of the elements and many of the top competitors were so affected by the heat that they were forced to withdraw from the race. Of the 152 competitors that started, 116 finished. During the race, competitors consumed 20,000 liters of water….incredible! Ironically I was running to help raise money for potable drinking water for the Blue Planet Network. Thanks to all of your support I raised close to $3000, which is enough to supply over a 100 people clean drinking water for life! Thank you. Despite the challenges that the Gobi Desert threw our way I ended up finishing quite well and placed 4th among women (32nd overall), and won an age group award! Woot! I will blog about each individual day of the race, but for now rest and recovery is the priority…so stay tuned. (Reprinted from Melissa's site ) http://www.iendurance.com
Melissa Racouillat, Physical Therapist; Ultra Runner and Adventurer
Sheree and I have come a long way from being the first ready to mix Chia drink on the market. We are now happy to see others that support  chia being an important part of the human daily diet. We thought it appropriate to use the color purple as part of our brand, as there was a time in history that the color purple was reserved for royalty. We believe that good health is for everyone. For all of you that saw and supported the debut of our drink, Wingfoot Iskiate, and our Purple team in Boston ( the shirts went fast). Now the drink is going faster. Thank you all. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore 
Honoring Faith and belief that you can make a difference
  Attempting to Find Balance Posted on April 3, 2011 by Melissa There are less than 3 months until the Gobi March (6 days, 250 kilometers, self-supported) in Western China and I can’t wait.  I know the next 3 months are going to fly by, and the amount of things I need to get done in that time are overwhelming.  This is where the challenge of balancing work, training and life comes in. As a physical therapist I work well over 40 hours a week, and most of those hours are on my feet, throw in a lunch time workout and I can be on my feet for almost 13 hours. Yikes! Then throw in long runs on the weekend, and I struggle to find time when I ever get to sit down. Recovery time is little to none, which is far from ideal for training for a race of this magnitude. I am lucky to have some amazing products sponsors, with 3 in particular whose products are focused on energy and recovery, and these products are helping me get through this busy time. The first is Wingfoot Iskiate, the super natural chia performance drink (www.chiastuff.com).  There are numerous health benefits of chia, including high levels of Omega 3′s, fiber, and vitamin C to name a few.  Chia is also proven to prolong hydration and improve endurance.  I drink Wingfoot Iskiate everyday, and with my crazy schedule I can vouch that my endurance is improved.
Melissa's Training
  The name of the event: Paddleme Championships at Marina Del Rey March 19, 2011 In the photo: The guy in the hat is Thomas Shahinian ( #1 in SUP Unlimited division), he's also paddles with Team California in a six man canoe. Blonde guy: Brian Haag, Kings Paddlesports Team rider. Girl: Terri Plunkett: Team Rider: Kings Paddlesports . The guy on the left is Brian Stockdale a top surfer and shaper. We were all excited to try WingFoot Iskiate. One of our friends was just thinking about starting up a similar drink mix, as we all need it and then here you are . This stuff is great! Good luck. Erik
Thomas Shahinian (#1 SUP Unlimited division) also paddles for team Calif in a six man Canoe, surrounded by all the best!
  Dear Sheree and Tobias Brekke,   I am writing to request individual sponsorship from Wingfoot Iskiate for participation in the 6-day, 155-mile, self-supported Gobi March endurance race in Western China in June of 2011.  The Gobi March, ranked as the second toughest endurance competition in the world by Time magazine, is part of RacingthePlanet’s 4Deserts Series.  In March 2010, I ran in another RacingthePlanet event, the Atacama Crossing in Chile, and placed 4th among women and won an age group award.  My goal is to finish in the top three women in China, and I would like your help.   I was introduced to Wingfoot Iskiate not long after I completed the Atacama Crossing. I have been interested in the nutritional value of the Chia seed ever since readingBorn to Run, and by word of mouth I heard about your company.  I immediately liked the individual packets not only because I felt they kept me going during long work days on my feet (I work as a physical therapist), but also the thick texture helped keep my stomach full when I normally have a hard time keeping up with my metabolism.  I am excited to further incorporate Wingfoot Iskiate into my training to find out firsthand how it can improve my endurance.       I plan to use Wingfoot products throughout my training for my run across the Gobi Desert in China, and I would love to have your support in this mission.   Sincerely,       Melissa Racouillat            Melissa, Of course we will support you in every way possible. We look forward to seeing you cross the finish line. We are so excited for you and your dreams. Best, Sheree and Tobias, Chia Stuff, Inc.
Melissa Racouillat
On the hike back from A backpacking trip that I recently went on, I learned first hand how awesome WingFoot  is. A couple of friends and I went backpacking in Southern California and camped next to a beautiful river and got to enjoy some really awesome scenery. This was a very spontaneous trip and we didn't get to prepare as we had little time before the driver picked us up. As we realized we were running out of water and had not even started our 4 hour hike back to our car, I realized that among my granola bars I had brought 4 packets of WingFoot. We had one and a half bottles of water left and we mixed the Iskiate into them and rationed it between four people. Honest-to-god our worries of dehydration and muscle fatigue were instantly forgotten and we hiked back to the car. One of my friends looked back at me on the hike to the car and smirked while saying, "I can't believe I'm not even thirsty anymore." We were all dehydrated to the point where we didn't think it was physically possible to get back but thanks to your product we were able to do it. After mixing WingFoot Iskiate with our limited water we felt rejuvenated and were enjoying our backpacking trip again. I became a believer in the chia product that day and now mix it with my water every time I exercise. Thank you, Daniel Behl
  Sheree, I ran the toughest race I ever ran this weekend.  I did better at this race than at some others, even with it being so hard.  I credit your new product with the endurance to run the race like I did.  This race was like running up and down Madonna mountain three times.  I did not ever hit the proverbial brick wall during this race like I usually do around the 6th or 7th mile.  It was great.  Also, my recovery time was faster.  I felt great during the race and great but tired after the race.  I plan to use this product before and after my runs, and to drink at least one bottle of water with chia in it every day.  Thank you so much for letting me try this.  I am now a client. P. Everhart R.N.
Never Hit the Wall
  Kevin wrote: "Way to go guys! I've been drinking my wingfoot daily at lunch to get me through my evening workouts. I didn't realize how much it was helping until I went running last Friday. I did a 7 mile run and felt like I could do 7 more. My Energy and hydration was perfect. My legs were the only part of me fatigued. This stuff really works as advertised!!! Thanks for turning me onto it!!!"
Way to go!
Lori Steed is a photographer based in the greater Los Angeles area, who photographs life events, celebrates with her clients, and drinks Wingfoot Iskiate every day, and has found chia seeds to be a critical ingredient in maintaining her daily health, hydration, and energy level.   "I was having serious issues with my energy level, hydration, and headaches.  Every day has been a good day since the day I was introduced to Iskiate by Tobias and Sheree.  It feels good when I drink it and it feels great to feel good."  -Lori Steed
Lori Steed, Photographer / Owner Essence Captured
  WingFoot Chia Drink  Message: I would like to tell you my story about the Wingfoot Chia drink mix. It did wonders for me! I now take the WingFoot two to three times a day, and I feel great. Here is how it started. Before taking the WingFoot I had lost a lot of weight but needed to lose even more, I was at a cross roads. My weight was not coming off like it used too, This left me tired, drained and with digestive problems. I was walking, riding, and going to the gym everyday. I did not have the strength to keep this up. I had tried everything. Then I heard about Wingfoot (Iskiate)Chia drink mix website. I read their story about the Aztec mix and I had to give this a try. Believe me, IT WAS WORTH IT! After using WingFoot I was able to lose more weight and my energy came back. Also my digestive problems went away. Thank you so much Wingfoot for telling the people about this wonderful product. Mike   
    I started drinking WingFoot Iskiate because I wanted to lose weight. I mixed 2 packets in either water or green tea and that was my lunch. I am happy to be more comfortable in a lighter body and know I didn't sacrifice my health to get here. Thanks.   - Joe
   "I really thought the drink would be grainy and unpleasant. The texture is different, but it doesn't take long to get used to it. It's great to find a product that is good for me, but also tastes great."   - Gloria
   "I never would have thought that such small portion size would sustain and satisfy you all day long. I still can't believe how many vitamins and minerals are packed in these seeds!"   - Charity
   I was a little hesitant to first try iskiate because of the way it looked. I was shocked to find out that not only was it to easy to drink, but it tastes good! I was even more surprised to find myself more energized, and much more motivated to get to the gym after a long work day. It makes me feel great, and I know that it is great for me."   - Jessica
   I started drinking WingFoot because I had been ill and couldn’t eat a lot. I wanted to pack as much nutrition in what little I could eat as possible. Because WingFoot is a complete protein and has so much omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids I felt it was the best choice. Now that I am better I still drink it every day just because I love it so much. The Ginger Jump is my favorite. Thank you for making such a great product available.” - Greta
   I drink WingFoot Iskiate every morning. I am 72 years old and work 10 hour days doing construction. WingFoot gives me energy and keeps me from getting dehydrated. The best part is that after drinking it for several weeks I realized I am “regular” for the first time in my life. You know how concerned us “old people” are with our GI tracts! - Tom
   I gave WingFoot a go. After all, it is all natural. I saw a huge improvement in sustained energy after a week. I was also able to completely kick my soda habit".   - Frank Scotti
Frank Scotti