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Natural Ginger Lemon Iskiate

12 packet / box

Natural Lime Iskiate

12 packet / box

Natural Orange Iskiate

12 packet / box

Natural Lemon Iskiate

12 packet / box


12 packet / box 3 of each flavor

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What is WingFoot Iskiate?
WingFoot Iskiate is a great tasting super-natural performance drink made from chia seeds. Chia seeds have exceptional hydrophilic properties that absorb 9 to 14 times their weight in water and therefore prolong hydration. Iskiate provides increased energy and greater endurance through metabolically timed release of nutrients.

What should I mix my WingFoot Iskiate with?
You can mix WingFoot Iskiate with just about anything. We found that it mixes well with water, coconut water, juice, tea, soup, and smoothies.
How much should I add?
We supply WingFoot Iskiate in 20-gram packets because most of our friends found that, mixed with about 8-16 ounces of water; it is the perfect drink for first thing in the morning or before exercising. Having said that, feel free to start with less if the consistency takes getting used to. Or, add as many packets as it takes to form a pudding like gel that you can eat with a spoon.
Is it Gluten free?
Yes, yes it is.    
Should I drink it before, during or after my workout?
Anytime is a good time to drink iskiate. The only negative comment we’ve heard was from a woman who said if she drank it too late in the day she had too much energy to fall asleep. However, I drink it right before bed all the time and sleep great.
How does it taste?
Chia itself has a surprisingly mild, nut-like flavor. This is why you can add it to virtually anything as a thickening agent. The WingFoot  flavors are also mild since there is nothing artificial in them.

What is the Shelf Life of WingFoot Iskiate?
WingFoot Iskiate has a shelf life of two years.